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This Year in Research

Updated: 4 days ago

-- Our work on producing "new sand" through carbon dioxide utilization and storage has been published in the journal of Construction and Building Materials (IF = 7.40). Have a look:

-- April 2024: Our work on carbon sequestration in normal and 3D printed cement-based composites has received extensive visibility through several media coverages:

-- March 2024: Our publication titled "Development of 3D printable stabilized earth-based construction materials using excavated soil: Evaluation of fresh and hardened properties" has been published in the Science of the Total Environment (IF = 9.8).

-- January 2024: Our publication titled "Carbon dioxide sequestration in mortars with excavated soil: Engineering performances and environmental benefits" is published in the Science of the Total Environment (IF = 9.8). You may read the article here (valid for 50 days)

-- January 2024: PhD scholar, Ashutosh Dwivedi won the "best" poster award at the third international workshop on technologies for low-carbon and lean constructions hosted at IIT Madras. He presented our group's ongoing work in the area of 3D printing using excavated soil and construction and demolition wastes. Congratulations, Ashutosh!

-- September 2023: Our group's work on development of low-carbon 3D printable materials via carbon sequestration have been covered by Department of Science and Technology (DST) and several national media outlets:

The Hindu:

Times of India:

-- Research article on carbon dioxide utilisation and sequestration to improve engineering properties of cement-based materials with recycled masonry waste is online.

Article title: Sequestration and utilization of carbon dioxide to improve engineering properties of cement-based construction materials with recycled brick powder: a pathway for cleaner construction

-- May 2023: Research article on application of cellulose as curing additive in OPC-based and alkali-activated mortars is published in the Journal of Construction and Building Materials.

-- April 2023: Dr. Souradeep Gupta has been awarded the prestigious Infosys Young Investigatorship by the Infosys foundation.

-- Mr. Pitabash Sahoo, Research Scholar at MatERIAL Group, has secured the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF) in Dec 2022 cycle. Congratulations!

-- Dr. Souradeep Gupta delivered a keynote lecture on "Carbon sequestration and utilization in Portland cement concrete" at International Conference on Climate Resilient Construction and Building Materials, NIT Surathkal.

-- January 2023: Hearty welcome to Mr. Kushagra Singh who joined MatERIAL group as a PhD candidate.

- Dr Souradeep Gupta is included in the "top" 2% of most cited scientists published by Stanford University.

-- PhD scholar, Mr. Vardhman Lunawat, has been awarded with 'Swachhta Sarathi Fellowship' by the office of the principal scientific adviser, GoI. Congratulations, Vardhman!

-- Fresh from the press: We have a new publication comparing the performance of cement-based materials with different supplementary admixtures processed from inorganic and organic waste streams. You will find the full text here (valid for 50 days).

-- We have a new publication in the Journal of Construction and Building Materials, where we explored carbon sequestration in engineered foamed mortar of different densities and its effect on physical properties. The publication can be read here:

-- January 2022: Hearty welcome to Mr. Pitabash Sahoo who joined MatERIAL group as a PhD candidate.

-- January 2022: Hearty welcome to Mr. Vardhaman Lunawat Manoj, our new PhD candidate who will be co-supervised by Dr. Souradeep Gupta.

-- January 2022: MatERIAL Group has a new publication:

-- December 2021: Dr. Souradeep Gupta has delivered an invited lecture at the Ruby Jubilee Lecture Series organized by IIT Roorkee. The lecture focused on biochar production, engineering and application in building materials

-- Dr. Souradeep Gupta delivered a keynote lecture at International Conference on Structures, Material and Construction 2021(ICSMC). The abstract of the talk can be read here.

-- MatERIAL Group leader, Dr. Souradeep Gupta, has published a journal article in collaboration with Prof. Jean Marc Tulliani from Politecnico Di Torino and Prof. Kua Harn Wei from National University of Singapore. The article titled "Carbonaceous admixtures in cementitious building materials: Effect of particle size blending on rheology, packing, early age properties and processing energy demand" has been published in The Science of Total Environment (IF = 7.96).

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