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A complete list of publications can be found at Google scholar  or ResearchGate profile of the group lead.  

Selected Publications

Carbon sequestration in cementitious matrix containing pyrogenic carbon from waste biomass: A comparison of external and internal carbonation approach

Carbon sequestration in cementitious composites using biochar and fly ash – Effect on mechanical and durability properties

Carbonaceous admixtures in cementitious building materials: Effect of particle size blending on rheology, packing, early age properties and processing energy demand

Comparison of improved autogenous and bio-based self-healing technique in fiber-reinforced mortar: effect of bacteria incorporation strategy and fiber hybridization

Biochar-immobilized bacteria and superabsorbent polymers enable self-healing of fiber-reinforced concrete after multiple damage cycles

Comparing influence of inert biochar and silica rich biochar on cement mortar – Hydration kinetics and durability under chloride and sulfate environment

Application of rice husk biochar as filler in cenosphere modified mortar: Preparation, characterization and performance under elevated temperature

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