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Material Engineering Research Innovation and Application Lab (MatERIAL) Group

Here at MatERIAL Group, we explore advanced technologies to develop low carbon and smart composites through innovation in material design and automation of manufacturing process.



The Group, led by Dr. Souradeep Gupta, focuses on  pressing areas of research, that are of national interest and aligns with several initiatives including Smart city program, Swach Bharat mission and waste-to-resource recovery. The overarching aim of the group is to develop low-carbon building materials for future cities through conventional and digital manufacturing (3D printing) processes.

Our expertise includes synthesis of supplementary admixtures by processing locally generated wastes, and their application in cementitious materials to enhance self-healing, carbon sequestration and resistance to damage in adverse environments.

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Latest Publications

Carbon sequestration in cementitious composites using biochar and fly ash – Effect on mechanical and durability properties

This study demonstrates the benefit of using biochar and fly ash to improve carbon capture in cement-based materials through carbonate mineralization. Experimental findings suggests a strong possibility of developing low carbon building materials using biochar as supplementary admixture, while offering improved mechanical and durability performance.

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